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Tropico 5 Will Arrive on the PlayStation 4!


Posted January 30, 2014 by


As revealed earlier today, the island management simulation game, Tropico 5, will be arriving to the PlayStation 4. The fifth installment to the Tropico series, is making it’s star debut on the next-gen consoles by arriving to the PlayStation 4. As revealed in a press statement, according to the Kalypso Media publishers, Tropico 5 will ‘take full advantage’ of the PlayStation 4’s hardware. Players will take on the role of the ‘El Presidente’ in Tropico 5, and they’ll be placed with the task of leading their ‘colonial era’ town to the future. But this isn’t necessarily an easy task.

Players will need to battle out opposing government factions, as well as internal island ones. Additionally, they’ll have to maneuver their family into positions of power so that they may protect their family name, as well as build their dynasty. A co-op multiplayer and competitive multiplayer mode will also now be made available through this title, which will support up to four players. No specific release date has been revealed for Tropico 5, as of yet, but it will be available for Xbox 360, PC, and now PS4.



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