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Valve and HTC Partner for VR Headset Known as the ‘Vive’


Posted March 2, 2015 by

Ever since the Oculus Rift proved that VR headsets can be very much a thing, more and more companies have been announcing and developing their own, eager to bring the future of gaming to the present and blur the lines of fantasy and reality. This weekend, Valve and HTC announced their foray into the VR market, with the HTC RE Vive, a VR headset powered by SteamVR and featuring 1200×1080 pixel screens in front of both eyes, also boasting a 90hz refresh rate, meaning that images will appear smoother and more fluid than your standard monitor.

These specs alongside the gyrosensor, accelerometer, and laser position sensor mean that the headset can track your facing with accuracy up to 1/10th a degree, according to the product’s website description. Not only that, but the website also claims that when coupled with SteamVR sensors, the Vive will be able to track physical location up to 15 square feet, allowing the user to walk around in the virtual space. Not only that, the Vive is also debuting with a pair of custom controllers, one for each hand, that’ll allow users to interface with virtual objects more natively than ever before. That’s a lot of promising and hype, but we can expect to hear more later this week at GDC. Oh, and the kicker? Its supposed to hit retail this Holiday season, with development kits going out this Spring. Check out the debut trailer below.



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