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Watch as GLaDOS from Portal Talks Science and World Domination!


Posted February 28, 2014 by


A video has surfaced the internet that shows GLaDOS from Portal explain some super sweet science stuff–more specifically the difference between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Sound boring? Think again, my friend–GLaDOS is determined to grasp your attention. For those of you who may be a tad unfamiliar with GLaDOS (those who have been living under a rock), she’s the hilarious artificial intelligence in the game. Now, in the video it’s not technically GLaDOS we’re seeing–it’s the voice actress Ellen McLain.

This video is to serve the purpose of providing educational information in a not so boring manner. Ellen goes over the basic principles of both nuclear fission and fusion, all whilst explaining her not so secret plot to take over the world. A world run by GLaDOS? I’m completely okay with that. Additionally, make sure to keep an ear out for NASA’s Official Talking General Leisure and Diversion Operational Server (not GLaDOS).




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Written by Guest Contributor: Fusromandah



Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor