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Watch Unreal Tournament’s Deathmatch in Behind-The-Scenes Footage


Posted July 29, 2014 by

I’m sure all of you know of Unreal Tournament, correct? Well now is your chance to look at some behind the scenes footage of the Team Deathmatch mode.

A small team of Unreal Tournament workers, known as “UT Veterans” have been working on the game since May this year, and the good news is that the new Unreal Tournament will be free to play with zero microtransactions, which is a relief to all UT fans out there.

When the game is finally released, it will only feature Team Deathmatch, but don’t fear – as Capture the Flag and Onslaught will be coming in the future.

The video’s description reads as follows – “Jim Brown and David Spalinski take a look at a community made map and the Unreal Tournament team deep dives into Team Deathmatch.” Catch a look at the video below.

Unreal Tournament is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux.




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