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It's more Arkham, Playing Robin in a narrative setting and Awesome gameplay


A bit too short, Ending and other plot issues and Confined location

Great new dlc for Arkham City starring the Boy Wonder. While short on story and content it’s huge on fun. If you have been hankering for another trip to glorious Gotham this might be what brings you back. Don’t forget to take your straitjacket. It gets crazy down there!

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One of the most acclaimed games of 2011 and my game of the year has finally gotten another dose of story dlc. This one focusing on the other half of the dynamic duo. Let’s do a rundown in this mini review and see if it’s worth your hard earned coin to venture back to the crime ridden streets of Gotham.


(This contains spoilers to Arkham City’s main plot) Reader Beware!!!!

Continuing after the events of Arkham City we find that Batman has gone back into AC to rescue some of Gotham City’s finest. The culprit? A distraught lover by the name of Harley Quinn! She has baited the trap and wants nothing more than to rid the world of Batman for causing the demise of her Mr. J. The dark knight falls for it and is taken hostage. Resulting in the player stepping into the red and yellow tights of the boy wonder to rescue Bats and save the police officers. The way they handle Robin’s narrative is great. Jumping back and forth between past and present to show how Batman got into the jam and how Robin needs to get him out.
The other plot point comes off a bit rushed. Since the end of Arkham City and the death of the Joker Batman has been acting odd. At least that’s what we are told in a cutscene between Robin and Oracle. And……that’s about it. No other flashbacks or anything. Maybe a scene with Alfred and Bruce having a heartfelt discussion about his feelings on the loss of the Joker would have sufficed. Hopefully this will be explained down the road in other content or an eventual third game to this story arc.



Robin plays just like he did in the previous challenge dlc. Beating poor thugs with Robin’s baton is a bit more satisfying than batman’s fists in my opinion.The awesome metal ping sound when you smack someone upside the head never gets old. The baton converts to a bullet proof shield as well. This adds another new dynamic to his fighting. Robin is also equipped with batarangs, smoke bombs, and can use his grappling hook to quickly zip over and bounce off a victim’s head. He’s a more nimble fighter and this helps him not feel like a rehash of Batman.
The whole experience comes off more like a series of predator challenge rooms. There’s very little to do in the way of puzzles. The only side objective you have is popping collectible balloons. Catwoman’s add-on at least had you traversing Arkham City. That is sorely missed here. I was hoping to hop rooftop to rooftop pouncing on unsuspecting foes with all the baton wielding teen angst I could muster! However this is still more Arkham so the gameplay delivers. I just wanted more.


There’s no real difference from this add-on and the original game’s graphics. Except for a reworking of Harley’s design and all of her thugs having their own set of gang colors. The graphics are still outstanding! Unfortunately, the whole add-on is confined to one area that has a few interior decorating changes(Harley’s been watching too much extreme home makeover). With all that real estate in Arkham City it would have been nice to get a new hideout to explore.



This is a toughy. I love me some Arkham and any new content should be appreciated. Being a Arkham certified bat nut I had no problem paying the ten dollars for the content. Some folks out there will find that cost rather high. I do recommend playing it. If you have already gotten rid of your copy and never had any of the dlc try to score the Game of the Year edition. There you get all the downloadable content offered including Harley Quinn’s Revenge.




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