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Gangsters and police fight for control of the streets in District 187: Sin Streets. Customize your gear to your liking and jump into the intense competitive combat for free!

Posted November 21, 2012 by

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With the constantly growing popularity of first person shooters, each title that is released faces some pretty hefty competition. This game is no exception, but manages to hold its own in an area dominated by titans such as Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. More similar to the latter, District 187 involves fast paced combat within a set limit of kills or time played out in multiple rounds. It’s up to you to either fight for the gangsters trying to gain control or for the police who are trying to stop the criminals and maintain order.


In a round-driven multiplayer shooter, there isn’t much story to be had. Each map presents its own scenario and each game mode has a set objective, but there is no back-story behind any of the characters or factions. This game is a straight-forward death match and this keeps the story to a minimum. The focus is kept on the gameplay, and that’s the most important element in a game like this.


Players familiar with games such as Counter-Strike will be right at home. At its core, District 187 is all about combat. No matter what type of game mode is selected, players will be in a constant firefight with the opposing team until the end. Matches are generally played in rounds, with the team who won the most rounds ultimately being declared the winner. Death Match type games where the objective is a set number of kills will go on for one round and repeat with the same rules, where as other game modes such as bomb mode will go on for a predetermined number of rounds until a winner is declared. Game modes include Death Match, Death Match with special rules, Bomb Mode, Night Bomb Mode (in the dark), Round Match, Scramble Mode (hold the objective), and Boss Mode where players will compete to down a specific target before the other team. This multitude of different game modes keeps the gameplay fresh and offers something for everyone. An in-g ame item shop allows players to customize not only their clothing, but also apply optics and other modifications to each firearm. Gold is earned by playing and winning matches, and can even be lost by leaving games before they finish.


While the visuals fall short of “mind-blowing”, there is really nothing big to complain about here. The graphics are decent for a free to play title and achieve exactly what they are going for. There are many textures that look flat upon closer inspection and some animations are jittery, but for the most part the game runs great and provides some nice run-down looking environments in which to fight. The lighting and shadows, while not jaw-dropping quality are well implemented, especially in the night time game modes.


The in-game sounds are exactly what one would expect to hear from a cut-throat battlefield; lots of gunfire and explosions. The sound effects are of a high quality and each weapon gives off a unique blast when fired. Grenades blow with a pleasing concussion that leaves a ringing in your ears if too close to the explosion. The voice-overs are awkwardly executed but are few and far between. Overall the combat sounds are top notch, while the voice-overs could use a little work.


All in all, District 187 is definitely worth a try. It has its obvious flaws on the surface, but deep down it is an addictive shooter with plenty of game modes to keep one occupied. While the game does track your statistics, there is no ongoing progression or unlock system present to give incentive. However, the in-game shop does have many items for purchase that will allow for further customization giving players something to aim for. The game is simple enough for new players to drop in and get their hands wet while hardcore shooter fans will find value in the weapon customization and plethora of game modes. Best of all… it’s free!







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Written by Guest Reviewer: Dragonlee71

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor

  • Tammie

    So this is not a beginner game?

    • It’s casual enough for those just getting into first person shooters to enjoy, but with all of the customization and advanced game modes it still has enough content to offer more hardcore players.

      Be warned: FPS games are terribly competitive, and this one’s no exception. A “beginner” may be put off by the lack of people willing to let you explore the game, but it’s still enjoyable. Try finding a match that states “beginners welcome”; they will usually be full of new players and the more casual crowds that just want to sit back and have fun.