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It is time to put the masks back on and play as the original heisters. Hit some banks, small stores, or even a politician’s house to start seeing the dollar signs. Meet new contacts that will open you up to a world of crime that you thought wasn’t possible. It is time to make that money, boys.


The game takes place after the first one, but the story (just like the first one) is still not that clear. You are now thrown into D.C. where you have been introduced to some new contacts that will give you missions that will earn you money. These missions that your contacts have you do don’t have to be done in any order, so they really don’t carry any story with them. The only thing that really pulls a story together is that they make small references to the first game, but mostly it feels like a fresh start, which is not a bad thing. It gives new players an easy way to get into the series and honestly, it is the kind of game that feels better without a story.


The gameplay is where this game really shines as it has no story to fall upon. It features many different aspects that pull this title into an addicting game.

The overall mechanics of this game have been greatly improved from the first one. The way the A.I. acts has been improved, the way the guns differ from the other guns has been improved, and most importantly is that the shooting feels like what would be found in a Triple A title. So, if you feared that this game would follow in the footsteps of the first game when it came to basic mechanics, don’t worry: the team working on this game have made it all-around smoother.

Payday 2 has brought some new features that really help the game shine and makes it much more interactive. One of these features is is the way you will choose missions and join up with other online players. It will show a map and little blips will pop up offering a mission, but sometimes the mission you want and/or difficulty you are looking for wont pop up so you will have to wait for someone else to host that mission or wait for it to pop up for you. This could be taken in a bad or good way, just depends on how you look at it. Some people want to just play a mission on the hardest difficultly but they can’t. Other people take it as a way to change how you play the game. If you play the same mission a few times in a row and then it doesn’t offer it right off the bat again, they are forced to play another stage. But the developers have taken attention to the people who have thought of it badly and added the feature of buying your way into a stage that doesn’t appear.

When it comes to levels, there are around 11 total missions, but some missions have different parts to it. For example, one mission will just be a straight-forward mission, while another will have you do goal A, then take you to a new stage to do part B. This offers a unique gameplay feature as almost every mission has its own set of stages. But it doesn’t end there because every stage of every mission will have randomly generated properties. An example of this is that the escape van could spawn in multiple different locations and this will keep you guessing every time you do a run-through of a mission. There are many different things that can change from your first time playing a level to your second time playing it. Some of the things that can change are positions of guards, important keys, doors, spawn areas for enemies, and much more.


Another thing that can really help with the re-play of the game is that every stage can be done in multiple ways. You may be able to sneak through the entire stage and rack up all of the money in the game, or you may just unload from the start and shoot your way to a payday. There is also a chance that you may get a random escape mission before the mission ends. There aren’t many ways to beat a stage but there are enough to make each mission feel different from the last time you played it.

The downfall to the stages is that there are only about 30 stages in the missions they offer. Theis results in a repetitive game that can get boring to some players really fast, but with the random features and loot drops, it aims to keep you there longer without boring you.

Another really important addition to this game is that they have added random loot drops. These random drops are not like MMO titles that everyone is use to, but it does make it feel somewhat like a RPG styled game and adds to the re-play value. The way that the drops work is that when you beat a mission you are given a choice to pick one of three blind cards. When you pick one, it flips and can give you something. The things that it can give you are a new mask, mask patterns, mask paints, money, and gun upgrades. This makes you want to play missions over and over just to create cool new masks that you can flaunt to your friends and the online community. They even have common, uncommon, rare, and infamous items for you to collect and sell for extra cash. The only downside to this feature is that sometimes you get things that you really don’t need, but it seems that they are applying updates to make the game have a more balanced card drop system that won’t rip you off.

Lastly, they have added a large skill tree system that really adds to the game. They have four different skill trees that help define the way they play. Each tree offers special skills and perks that can help you beat missions in certain ways. You may end up using the more forward skill tree that allows you to blow up the safe for a fast payout, or you could use the sneak skill tree to allow you to sneak through the levels. The best part of the skill trees is that you can mix and match skills, you don’t have to focus on just one. If you get a group of friends, you can work together to really build a strong team based on each other’s weaknesses. It really helps to build a firm strategy feeling and make your character standout from everyone else.



The graphics for this game are nothing super special but they look good. If you are one of the old fans that really enjoyed the first title, you will be surprised about the graphical changes. The graphics just look so much smoother and this really helps add to the game. However, if you are looking for a game that looks beautiful, this may not be for you. Like stated before, the graphics are not amazing but they are not anywhere close to bad.


The sound of this game is surprisingly amazing. The audio quality is nice and clear. When the wave of enemies start up, music starts bumping, helping you get into adrenaline mode. It really adds a lot to the game as it helps pull you into this moment where your head is rushing as the music is pumping. The game also has a wide range of dialogue between the characters and even the cops have some interesting things to say. Overall the quality of the sound is good, it is simple and fun.


This game is a wonderful buy at $30. It features a deep gameplay system and it is very addictive. It is a solid game that has a high re-play value for a wave based game, but may get boring to some. If you are not into co-op wave based games, this is not for you. If you are all for wave based games with small objectives, then this is up your ally. We know that this game is going to get constant updates to fix issues that the community has and will even feature a decent amount of DLC to continue adding to the game. You are bound to have a good time with this game.



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