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The makers of Plants VS. Zombies were on to something when they went forth with the popular iOS app. Plants VS. Zombies 2 has got to be one of the more entertaining iOS applications out there. The first game was undoubtably a huge success. Now that the second one has been released, we have got the scoop on what to expect. Defend your territory and keep those dastardly zombies away.

Compared to the previous game, there has been several improvements, giving the game more value. The zombies are smarter than you would think: with buckets on their heads, prophets with sun wands which will take your sun away if you do not beat them to it, zombies with stone templates covering them and careful, there are fire torches, and they will turn your plants to ash in a poof.

Instead of just one minor area to defend, your home, you venture off into lands that you would never think you would be. The plants look incredible while the zombies look irresistibly dreadful. The defense tactics on both sides are creative and entertaining, so the intelligence of the player is everything.

While the game is fun and entertaining, what is the gameplay like? If you like the idea of good strategic fun, then Plants VS. Zombies is the right game to pick, even when you are trying to fill in time in-between games, as it gives much replay value. After all, the hours are endless when battling against zombies.


These zombies can sneak up on you and eat your brains if you do not look out. While it can be frustrating, you look into other ideas for help defending your side, putting those undead down for the count. That is, unless they decide to pop out of the ground as a sunflower…or another undead.

These zombies also spread to more than one area, other than Egypt. Once you have completed the first scene, you can venture off to the Pirate Seas in 1679 followed by the good ol’ Wild West in 1850. Each zone has numerous levels for entertaining gameplay as well, challenge zones, new plants and upgradable content. Who does not love some serious upgrades?

Easy music to listen to, plants hurling whatever they specialize in and the ever-so entertaining grunts of the undead stumbling your way is one of the most childish things to do. But we never said that it was a bad thing! In fact, the grunting has to be the most fun part of the game, especially when your plants take the T.K.O.

Overall, for a free iOS application, this is well worth the time, as it is fun and massively addictive. We here at All that’s Epic get busy and tend to go for the plants, building an army while defending the territory to kill some time. The hours are endless with gameplay, the zombies look dreadful and the masses come, challenging the player. Granted, the add-ons can range a couple of dollars, typically $2.99 or $3.99, and while this can get kind of pricey, it is good to know that the game itself is completely one hundred percent free to play. But, to some gamers, the price to have a one-up on an add-on can be worth it.


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