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It makes sense to keep making something that people love. With Telltale’s The Walking Dead point and click adventure, a season 2 was demanded, heard, and has been promised. The only present problem is how would you connect the two seasons with such an absolute ending to Lee and Clementine’s story? The Walking Dead: 400 Days fills the hole between the two by presenting 5 character stories that happen within the first 400 days of the outbreak.


The stories of Vince, Russell, Wyatt, Bonnie, and Shel are told in this episode. Vince killed someone and is shown running from the police where you have a choice on how to ditch the evidence. When the zombie outbreak happens, he’s on a prison bus on his way to serve time. The two police officers become zombified and Vince has to choose who to sacrifice and who to take with him. Russell is walking down a long road on his way to his grandmother’s house when a truck pulls up revealing Nate, a pretty eccentric guy. Russell has issues with how Nate deals with an elderly couple trying to defend themselves.

Wyatt and his friend Eddie are driving down a desolate and foggy road, trying to escape what looks like a truck who wants to kill them. They manage to escape but end up running someone over. They debate on whether to get out and see if they are alright or keep going. Bonnie had a hard life before zombies came into the picture. She was a drug abuser who has been miraculously cured by an older couple who found her, Leland and Dee. Leland and Bonnie have some romantic feelings that are obvious to Dee and once Dee returns to them with a stolen backpack, they are chased down by the people Dee stole from.

Shel would do anything to protect her little sister Becca, even before the walkers took over. The sisters, along with more survivors, have formed a group that takes over the truck stop. Some of these member’s are from Vernon’s group in the original season of the game. Shel has two big decisions to make: to kill or let a man who wandered into their camp go and what the fate of her friend Stephanie will be. Stephanie is caught stealing food and medicine and tries to leave the camp when she’s caught.

While all these stories can be played in any order, they are all tied together at the end by Tavia, a member of a nearby human encampment that looks for survivors. While looking at all the pictures of the survivors, she finds directions to where they’ve set up camp. Based on what the player chose in each of the five episodes varies who stays at the camp and who goes with Tavia.



The game is the same point and click as the episodes before. The movement of the characters is limited with some characters while others like Wyatt and Russell have moments of running around. It’s nice to see more action with this. The players still get choices of what to say at certain moments that affect the relationships with the people around you and the outcome of the chapter.


There’s no graphical difference between this episode and the previous episodes. You still have the same comic book look. The cartoonish features make the humans look like characters from a comic book and the zombies look terrifying. It’s nice to see that the same graphics back again. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!



The sounds are the same as the graphics: not much difference between this new episode and the old ones. The dialogue is sometimes quirky but has a serious tone to it 90% of the time. The music mostly has an anxious tone to give you the urgency to move and somber tones when something depressing happens, a common occurrence in these games.


This episode makes me completely excited for the upcoming season. With all these new characters and their unique back stories, it’ll be interesting as to how the new season will pan out. Especially after some of the twists and turns the first season made, the bar might be set high but I have every faith in TellTale to deliver a fantastic story. The replayability of this was moderate, with the game making me want to go back and try different dialogue options and trying to get different outcomes.



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Written by Guest Reviewer: Missvalentine

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