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Injustice 2’s Roster Expands With Latest Trailer

The roster for Injustice 2 grows with each new trailer that’s released. The latest trailer, “It’s Good to be Bad”, unsurprisingly focuses on some of the villains in the game.

The highlights of this trailer are Scarecrow, Captain Cold, and Bane. While we have seen a bit of Captain Cold and Bane before, this trailer shows off more their abilities. The trailer also serves as the first glimpse we see of Scarecrow. Personally, I like the look they decided to go with. He looks creepy and his sickle and chain look like they will be a lot of fun to experiment with.

The trailer also shows off a bit of Captain Cold’s gameplay. It looks like he will be more of an up close fighter despite his ice gun. Bane and Gorilla Grodd also make another appearance. They look to play exactly as you would expect powerful brutes to play. They are certainly more up close fighters, though Grodd’s mind powers look pretty cool.

Injustice 2 is set to launch May 16th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.





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