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‘Insurgent’ Finally Gets a Conventional Trailer

We’ve had plenty of trippy teases for “The Divergent Series: Insurgent” showing off Tris’ external and internal conflicts with slo-mo-heavy metaphors. Now it seems we’re finally getting a trailer with story hints of the plot and setting developments.

Tris and Four and their allies are resolved to embrace their divergence and upend the society’s faction system, still topped by the Erudite Kate Winslet. Both sides seem to be militarizing for real this time. No more neural darts. The architecture obliterating hallucinations are still on full display.

Whose chiseled back with the Abnegation tattoo are we seeing around 0:45? From the shot a few seconds after it looks like its Tris sporting the same tattoo in the same part of her back shoulder.

Check out the trailer below. “Insurgent” begins it’s insurrection in theaters March 20th.


Source: IGN

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