J.R. Ramirez

J.R. Ramirez Cast as Wildcat on ‘Arrow’

The next season of Arrow promises to be a big one and there is a lot for the leather wearing, bow and arrow wielding hero to take on head first. Just when we least expect it, a new member has joined the cast for the third season. Could he be a partner in crime or an arch nemesis?

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J.R. Ramirez will be playing as Ted “Wildcat” Grant, an ex-boxer who runs a gym for those who are underprivileged in Starling City. Exactly how will Laurel fit the puzzle? In the comics, Ted is a member of the Justice Society of America and ironically enough trains Black Canary, just to name one of the many. This guy must be buff!

Arrow filming should be well underway and season three kicks off on Wednesday, October 8 at 8p.m. We will also be sure to note anything else that comes our way, just in time for the season three premiere.



Source: EW

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