Japan To Get New Super Mario Maker DLC

Super Mario Maker is getting some new DLC, Nintendo announced today. Well, in Japan anyway, the game is getting DLC.

The DLC will feature Shinya Arino, from the popular Japanese gaming show GameCenter CX. Arino will don his traditional suit and tie and will be one of the many Mystery Mushroom costumes that Mario can use when making levels in Super Mario Maker using the Super Mario Bros. theme. Arino is the second DLC character announced for the game, the first being the Necky the Fox, the mascot of popular gaming magazine Famitsu. However, considering that Super Mario Maker is about making levels, some of which are very hard, and GameCenter CX is about Arino’s character playing tough games (you should seriously check it out on YouTube when you have a chance, it’s great), him be a playable transformation makes a bit more sense.

Super Mario Maker is currently available now exclusively for the Wii U. There’s currently no word on whether this or the Necky DLC will make it stateside, but considering that we got the Squid Girl crossover outifts in Splatoon, it seems likely we’ll get it here as well.







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