Microsoft Working On Bringing Some of Xbox’s Biggest Franchises to Windows 10

Microsoft announces that they are “committed” to bringing some of the largest franchises on Xbox to Windows 10, but that doesn’t mean everything. Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, told IGN that ,“Microsoft is committed bringing [the] biggest franchises from Xbox to Windows,We’ve said that. It doesn’t mean, necessarily, that every game ends up on both platforms, because there could be some differences in how things play.”

This quote really makes it clear that Microsoft really wants to push Windows 10 as a gaming platform, and wants to increase the amount of people playing and buying games on PC. Phil Spencer continues on to say “We also look at Windows as something critical to the success of Microsoft, and the gaming group looks to making positive impact on Windows 10 as a gaming platform.” He also goes on to talk about how they want everyone to have a broad games to play, saying, “we like to focus on what people can play, not what they can’t play because I don’t think that’s a great way of growing our industry.”

With games like Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, a free-to-play version of Forza 6 on the way, and Quantum Break set to release on April 5, Microsoft is already set to bring some franchises to Windows 10.  You can see the whole video in the video below, which starts at the 19 minute mark.






Written By Guest Contributor Austin

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