Mortal Kombat X DLC Patch Brings Free Costume

More than just the current in downloadable content is coming over the next several months and from what we hear, will have and a free fighter costume with every patch. Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat X creator took to Twitter today to make an announcement and shows of the classic Sub-Zero costume for players.

The first of the patches, patch 1.02, there will be a new move for Takeda and there will also be balancing tweaks for the game. New games have common minor issues, but these updates should smooth out. There will also be improved online stability which, from what I hear is a common complaint on the Xbox One console more than the PlayStation 4. Where are you having issues?

It’s not just MKX patch 1.02 that will have a costume with the download, but the rest of them will as well. It seems like a good sign for players and a good way to say, “Thanks for being patient,” or “thanks for being fans of the franchise,” possibly both.








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