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“The Wolverine” to Begin Filming Next Week


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After years of production delays, “The Wolverine” is finally ready to start filming! It is the second solo movie for our favorite  “X-Men” mutant.  

Hugh Jackman will return to his claw-flashing role as Wolverine and is joined by Hiroyuki Sanada (“Lost”) as Shingen, and Hal Yamanouchi (“The Life Aquatic”) as Yashida. Will Yun Lee (“Total Recall”) will play the Silver Samurai, the bad guy who has the ability to cut through any substance.  It is yet to be announced which actress will play the role of the villainess, Viper, after negotiations between Jessica Biel and 20th Century Fox broke down. James Mangold will direct, replacing Darren Aronofsky who dropped out of the film. Location shooting will take place in Japan, with studio work to be completed in Australia.

The script is inspired by the popular comic book by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. The story follows Wolverine through adventures in Japan. Details on the plot are still fuzzy, but the concept art gives us some hints. During a recent press conference, concept images and under-construction set models were unveiled to the public.  They reveal some exciting details (and possible spoilers) about Wolverine’s long-awaited return to the big screen.

Spoiler Alert! The images of the sets and concept art are below, but beware of possible spoilers, as the photos appear to show some major plot points. The set image shows a miniature model, which appears to be a prison.

Here are the images courtesy of

The Wolverine Movie Concept Art


The Wolverine Movie Concept Art

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