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‘The Wolverine’ Shoot Gets Hairy


Posted August 5, 2012 by

Do new set photos signal unfortunate events for Wolverine?  Hugh Jackman, who is filming The Wolverine in Australia, was photographed looking like a scraggly mountain man, sporting long hair and a beard in a  look that could easily pass for homelessness. What clues does this give us about the plot?

Details about the upcoming Wolverine sequel have been pretty hard to come by.  So far, we know that The Wolverine will be set in Japan, and takes place before the events of the first movie. We also know that Logan will be training with a samurai, so get ready for some kickass fight scenes with samurai warriors and our clawed Canadian mutant.

Local observers said that, in the scenes that were filmed with hairy Jackman, Logan was headed in town to buy camping gear. On the set, there was a bar called “Ed’s Bar”, which had a mural of a moose, that will apparently be featured in the film.

If Logan’s appearance has you worried about his muscle tone, don’t be. According to Hugh Jackman’s recent Tweets, he is once again following “the Wolverine Diet”, the 6,000 calorie-a-day meal plan he uses to pack on the 30 or so pounds of extra mutant muscle.

The Wolverine claws its way into theaters on July 26,2013.

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