New Fallout 4 Theme Debuted in Composer Interview

In a new interview posted to their development blog, Bethesda took readers behind the scenes with the score composer for their upcoming release of Fallout 4, Inon Zur, where he discusses not only his inspiration for the new theme song, but also details what he’ll be doing when the open world RPG hits shelves this November.

“I originally composed the main theme for Fallout 3,” Zur said when asked about the iconic state of the main Fallout theme. “We basically use two chords. That’s to reflect the dualism in Fallout: the despair of war – but also the hope for the future. In Fallout we’re always torn between the despair and all the dangers that are lurking in the world, and the hope to build a better world.”

In the end, Zur says that once he starts the game he’s just going to walk and explore, which embodies the spirit of the game which has made it such a cultural icon. “The younger players,” he says. “They might look for enemies and seek out attractions… This will come if you want it or not. Let me soak it in. Let me see what’s around. Let me discover.”








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