Overwatch’s Capture The Flag Mode Is Temporary

Overwatch kicked off it’s Lunar New Year event, which in addition to some nice cosmetics (including two new skins for Mei and D.Va), came with a new game mode called “Capture the Rooster”, which is a lot like Capture the Flag in other games. But if you were thinking that the mode, which has been a staple in the first person shooter genre since it’s inception, is sticking around, think again.

In a recent developer update video, director Jeff Kaplan explains that while the mode is popular in other shooters, Overwatch is a different beast, and the mode just doesn’t work, even though they’ve thought about it for “years”. This is due to the high mobility style of the game, where most characters, even the tanks, have some form of transportation that helps them move around faster, and the maps are designed with this mind. An example that Kaplan used was Tracer, who has the ability to rewind time with her blinking ability, making flag captures a cake walk. Kaplan went onto say that while they could have tweaked her abilities so that doesn’t happen, they would also have to do the same thing with the entire roster, so in the end, they decided to have fun and just have it as a temporary mode.

Having played the mode myself last night, I get where Kaplan’s coming from. Overwatch is designed with mobility in mind, and a game mode like Capture the Flag just doesn’t work with the game, as it slows things down to a crawl and stalemates are all too frequent. Granted, Blizzard did change it so that you have to capture it like an actual point before taking the flag back to your base, but unless your team gets lucky, expect a lot of games that just drag on.

In any case, while things can obviously change, for now this mode is going to be for a limited time, so hop on while you can to see what the hubbub is. Overwatch is available now for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.





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