Overwatch’s Sombra Is Now Live On PC And Consoles

Well, that was fast. After being put up on Overwatch’s Public Test Realm a little more than a week ago, Sombra is now officially playable in the main game for consoles and PC players. Boop!

She comes with the new Arena map: Echopoint, and the Arcade modes, thanks to update 1.5. If you own a PC, you can download update 1.5 via Battle.net, while Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will get the update automatically. Unlike other characters, Sombra is more of an indirect character, even more so then characters like Widowmaker and Ana, as she’s a hacker who can disable other characters’ abilities and even make med packs unusable by the other team. She can also use her Translocator to teleport (and can even through it in the air and use that to reach higher areas), and her Thremoptic Camo lets her turn invisible and increase her movement speed until she’s hit, attacks, or uses an ability; think the Spy’s Cloaking Watches from Team Fortress 2, and you have the right idea.

Additionally, Arcade mode replaces Weekly Brawls, and comes with the following: 1v1 Mystery Duel, 3v3 Elimination, 6v6 Mystery Heroes, and 6v6 All Brawls, the last one being a playlist that consists of weekly brawls, as well as 6v6 No Limits, which lets players pick more than one of the same character on a team, as Quick play now limits one character per team, meaning that you can stack a team of nothing but Reinhardts and Genjis.

Overwatch is available now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.






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