Rocket League to Receive Back to the Future DeLorean

2015 is a huge year for Back to the Future and people are going crazy with the year syncing up with the movie franchise. Even gaming titles are banking on the excitement and Rocket League isn’t letting the opportunity get away from them. Fans of the title — and the Back to the Future movies, will be happy to know that they’ll soon be able to turbo into a soccer ball as a DeLorean towards the tail end of this month. Gamers won’t have to wait that long, however, as the new car is said to launch on October 21st.

“Truth be told, we used to fantasize and joke about having the DeLorean Time Machine in our game months before it even came out,” said Psyonix’s Jeremy Dunham said on the PlayStation Blog. “We were all such huge Back to the Future fans here at Psyonix, that it was one of the few ‘Holy Grails’ we had hoped for besides having a hit game. The fact that we’re getting both of those ‘best-case scenarios’ in the same year is an amazing accomplishment for us, they’re things we’ll never forget!”

Not only will the DeLorean feature its iconic burning-rubber trail that gamers will see as it jets across but it will also have wheels that turn into hovering jets. The car will be priced at a cheap $1.99 as part of the Back to the Future Car Pack but it hasn’t been said whether the DeLorean will be a part of any other DLC.




Source: PlayStation Blog




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