Street Fighter V’s New Rage-Quitting System Arriving This Month

We’ve all had it happen to us at some point: you hop into a fighting game’s online mode, you’re playing someone online, you’re winning, and then suddenly the person leaves, leaving you with either no win or a lost that you didn’t earn, depending on what the game is. There’s no way to stop someone from rage quitting a fighting game, but Capcom is hoping to make it easier to punish those that do so in an upcoming patch for Street Fighter V.

The news comes from the game’s official Twitter account, which promises a more permanent solution coming to the game in an upcoming update. Back in March, Capcom added a temporary solution for rage quitting, which involved using an algorithm to dock players by taking away League Points, but many players complained that only the most serious of rage quitters were punished under this system. Additionally, players still aren’t able to get their rewards or victory when their playing with someone who disconnected.

Capcom didn’t reveal an official release date for the patch, or if it will address players’ concerns about rewards, but it’s nice to see that Capcom is doing something about it. Street Fighter V is available now for the PlayStation 4 and PC.







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