Super Mario Galaxy Rated By The ESRB

Whenever people ask what my favorite game of all time is, the answer is always Super Mario Galaxy. With it’s awesome incorporation of gravity and planet based platformering, excellently designed levels, and easily the best gaming soundtrack I’ve ever heard, Super Mario Galaxy is easily on the top of my list, and one that I always recommended people pick up whenever they got a Wii. And now if a new listing on the ESRB’s website is to be believed, more people will be able to experience this last generation classic.

Discovered by Nintendo Life, a rating on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (or ESRB for short) website, Super Mario Galaxy has a listing for the Wii U, complete with a rating and everything. To the dismay of some people however, it doesn’t appear to be an HD remake that some fans have been asking for, but rather a straight up port of the Wii version, much like the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Punch-Out!! releases earlier in the year were.

Still, it was kind of expected, considering Super Mario Galaxy 2 is available for download, and the game is already available on the Japanese eShop. Currently, there is no release date on when the game can be downloaded, but it’s safe to assume that it’ll happen soon, possibly by the end of this year at the latest. And in case you’re wondering, yes I plan on getting it myself when it comes out, despite already owning the game on the Wii and 100 percent completing it. Yeah, it’s that good.








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