We already knew that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be getting some form of amiibo support, as it was shown during the E3 presentation. But now Nintendo has confirmed that the newest Zelda amiibo that are out today, 8-bit Link, OoT Link, and Wind Waker Link and Zelda, will support the game in some way.
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD amiibo features Wolf Link and Midna, which is already awesome enough, but might also contain additional bonus features, if a listing on Amazon France is to be believed. Although the original description was in French, thanks to NeoGAF user GhostTrick, the translation is said to read...
With the release of Minecraft on the Wii U only a few days away, buzz for what other Microsoft and Nintendo crossovers could happen. One of the big ones of course is whether or not the game would be getting an amiibo, Nintendo's toys to life brand that has been doing well for the company. After all, if an indie third party game like Shovel Knight get one, surely Microsoft could get one as well, right?
If your're looking to "catch 'em all" then anyone who lives in the UK will be excited to know that the Mewtwo amiibo is now available for pre-order. It won't cost you a arm and a leg either, seeing as it'll only be £10.99. The release date seems to be October 23rd, so there's definitely more than enough time to get your hands on it before it launches. Besides, if this shipment of amiibo figures is anything like the last then there's more likely than not going to be plenty of stock.
Another day, another set of amiibo that I keep telling myself I don't need but still get anyway (CAPITALISM HO!). This time, four new amiibo have been revealed by Nintendo as part of the Animal Crossing line, which will be compatible with the upcoming Wii U exclusive Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival.
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