Visually beautiful and action-packed with a quite unique, slightly “wtf?” storyline, Kill la Kill is arguably one of the best animes that are running right now. Following the storyline of angsty young high school girl, Ryuko Matoi, we watch as she tirelessly fights to seek vengeance for the death of her father, whose murderer she believes to be Honnouji Academy student council president, Satsuki Kiryuin. While Ryuko constantly attempts to fight Satsuki, she finds that the highly-regarded school leader is backed by students who sport Goku Uniforms that make them nearly indestructible. Fortunately for Ryuko, though, her father left her half of a scissor blade, which when complete, is one of the most powerful weapons in existence; however, her father's murderer possesses the other half of the blade.
Even if you aren’t a fan of anime, chances are that you have heard of Attack on Titan (or Shingeki no Kyojin). Continuously growing in popularity, there is so much to love about this anime and it is easily one of the best to come out in 2013. Now that Attack on Titan has recently been added to Netflix’s Instant Watch, there is absolutely no excuse for you to not watch it. Or, if you prefer, it is also available via popular anime streaming service, Crunchyroll. But why exactly is Attack on Titan a must-watch? Well, Attack on Titan expertly conveys tones of horror while evoking emotional qualities that could bring tears to a grown man, along with having underlying hints of romance yet combating that with intense, badass combat scenes. Besides, who wouldn’t want to watch an anime in which the enemies are giant, naked, humanoid creatures that constantly have a terrifying grin on their faces and devour humans simply for pleasure? No one, that’s who.
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