After a thoroughly exciting first day at San Diego Comic-Con filled with tons of comic book, TV, video game, and movie announcements along with tons of collectibles and epic cosplayers galore, we couldn't wait to step foot into the convention on Friday. Friday is one of the biggest days of SDCC, and this year was no different. Everywhere we turned we found something that amazed us, and we made sure to take pictures of everything epic to share with those of you who may not have been able to attend the con.
This year's WonderCon was nothing short of spectacular. As the epic weekend neared its end, we knew that there still had to be incredible cosplays abound-- and there sure was. While Friday and Saturday were undoubtedly the days where cosplay was most abundant, we were surprised at how many fantastic cosplayers were still geared up and ready to go during the Anaheim Convention Center's final day of WonderCon.
This year at San Diego Comic-Con, we saw a ton of incredible cosplays abundant both inside the convention center and out on the streets of San Diego. However, some of the ones that we were most impressed by were of characters from one of our favorite television series, Game of Thrones. From Daenerys to Jon Snow, we were thrilled to see some of George R.R. Martin's beloved characters brought to life.
WonderCon Cosplayers
Many years ago…No, let’s cut the crap, WonderCon is coming this weekend and with the event taking place in Anaheim, there will be so much to see that our eyes will not want to look away for every piece of all things amazing. All to see include panels, cosplayers, Whovians, DC fans, Marvel freaks, comic book geeks and all those who fit right in. Even the occasional journalist, or editor, perhaps a first timer. In case you’re wondering what will take place at this epic event, there is a list just below. To those attending, pre-plan your entire weekend or take it day-by-day.
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