New York Comic-Con has bypassed big to become the biggest. This year, attendance reached over 150,000, surpassing San Diego Comic-Con as the most populous pop-culture convention in the United States. Not bad for a convention that pre-sold around 4,500 tickets in its first year in 2006. In a handful of years, NYCC has transformed from slightly awkward to full-on awesome. The logistical limits of being in New York City mean that NYCC may never reach the expansive, geeky glory of San Diego Comic-Con, but convention organizers ReedPOP did find a way to build excitement and take the convention into the city at-large with the addition of New York Super Week.
While San Diego Comic-Con is filled with joy and a good time, Sunday is always a sad day as it marks the final day of the convention, giving us an agonizing whole year wait to experience the epicness of SDCC once more. But, Sunday is also known as family day as well as the perfect time to get all of your shopping done. While there may not have been very much cosplay action on Sunday, we got some epic photos of the final day of San Diego Comic-Con to share with you all!
Saturday is always the biggest day of any convention. People from all across the country flooded San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, and it seemed as though there was double the amount of attendees than any other day. Saturday is also easily the biggest day for cosplay at SDCC. Everywhere we turned there were epic cosplayers galore showing off their love for their favorite fandoms. As always, we made sure to photograph all of the epicness that San Diego Comic-Con had to offer: from cosplay, to collectibles and more!
After a thoroughly exciting first day at San Diego Comic-Con filled with tons of comic book, TV, video game, and movie announcements along with tons of collectibles and epic cosplayers galore, we couldn't wait to step foot into the convention on Friday. Friday is one of the biggest days of SDCC, and this year was no different. Everywhere we turned we found something that amazed us, and we made sure to take pictures of everything epic to share with those of you who may not have been able to attend the con.
San Diego Comic-Con is like Christmas for those of us who are obsessed with all things that are nerd culture. Fans of comic books, video games, and even TV shows and movies can get their fix with exclusive SDCC announcements and collectibles found throughout the convention. This year, SDCC was nothing short of impressive, and the Comic-Con Gods surely shined their light of epicness onto the convention floor, giving us tons of awesome collectibles to gaze our eager eyes upon and an abundance of impressive cosplays around every inch of the con.
The next few days will be filled with San Diego Comic-Con epicness: from comic announcements, to movie news, and even information on the most anticipated video games, SDCC has so much to offer those who are fully enraptured by all that is nerd culture.
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