Harry Potter is one of the largest fandoms in nerd history, and just because it's been a while since the last film hit the big screen doesn't mean that our love for the series just stops there! There is always a time and a place for some HP love, and thankfully writer/creator JK Rowling has been able to keep fans semi-satiated over the years since Deathly Hallows by releasing spin-off series such as Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
With the latest entry in the Street Fighter series quickly making great strides in redefining fighting games as we know them, many fans are wondering what dream crossover we'll see from Capcom next, and which characters will find themselves entering the ring. With Ryu now in Smash, the walls are broken down, so any character is free game. Here's just a few of the characters we think might fit in well in the newest installment of the fighting game legend.
League of Legends has swiftly become one of the most-played games of the past few years. The game is comprised of over 100 Champions that are tasked with defending their towers and lanes against the opposing Champions. Each Champion has different moves and skills that make them unique, and in order to be good at the game, it is imperative to be both knowledgeable in the Champion you're playing as along with the Champion you are fighting against. Because of this, League of Legends can be quite challenging and takes an ample amount of skill, making it a highly competitive game.
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