Another week, another stat trait. Intelligence takes the stage in this week's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. preview, showing off the benefit of having a sharper mind in the wasteland, allowing players to find their way into areas and inventions that might not allow for those of a lesser intelligence. Not exactly the strongest stat trait out there, Intelligence helps people hack into security systems, survive smarter, traverse the wasteland with intellectual ease, and so much more.
Minecraft: Story Mode is certainly a departure from developer Telltale Games previous outings. For starters, it's an adventure game set in the Minecraft universe, which while famous for a lot of things, having any kind of story isn't one of them. However, as was recently revealed, Minecraft: Story Mode doesn't use Telltale's own (and admittedly outdated) game engine, but rather the original Minecraft's engine.
The PC version of Zombie Army Trilogy will be getting a free update that adds the playable survivors of Valve's first two co-op zombie games, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2. All players have to do is boot up the game, install the update, and before long you'll be mowing down Nazi zombies and grabbing pills with any of the eight characters (though I call dibs on Ellis).
Star Wars Episode 8
Many fans’ appraisal of The Force Awakens and the sequel trilogy itself will be affected by how Episode 8 answers the following questions.
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