Battlefield Hardline is going to get some new weapons in the near future. At least 11 new weapons, to be exact, according to fans of the game who recently analyzed some gameplay footage of the game. Though it hasn't been verified by either DICE or EA, it's possible that some of these weapons will be released as part of the piece of DLC for the game, called Robbery, which is set to come out this month.
As it turns out, Laura has been added to Street Fighter V's roster. That might not come as a shock to some as she's been the worst kept secret over the past couple of days. If it wasn't bad enough that screenshots were released of Laura back on the 1st by Famitsu, Sony accidentally leaked her trailer a day before it was suppose to happen. The second event almost seems like too much of a coincidence to be a mistake but hey, we'll take it considering it gave gamers a look at Laura before they were really suppose to get one. Not everyone is too happy about it though, seeing as the Street Fighter V roster has been kept under wraps up until this point, causing Yoshinori Ono -- producer of the title, to be a little sad over it.
Tom Cruise in Mission:Impossible
With the release of Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation now officially behind us, one thing is certain: Even at the age...
Following the monumental success of the latest Star Wars film, LEGO and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced this morning their next entry in their also-successful LEGO Star Wars franchise, based on the film. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens brings a number of new game mechanics to the LEGO games format, including space battles, dogfights, an arena combat mode called Blaster Battles, as well as the Multi-Build system, which lets players choose new paths and environments to open with their creations.
Ubisoft have released a new video showing off the year in review for their upcoming medieval slasher For Honor, pitting knights versus samurai versus vikings in a bloody drag out brawl. At E3 this year, we received live action footage including a four versus four match despite the game having never seen the light of day before. Ubisoft took a great effort to gauge player response, taking special care to note down player feedback, as well as playing alongside the average player in order to best establish things such as difficulty curves and creating a dialogue between player and developer.
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