Ubisoft has revealed what will be included in For Honor's day one patch. With the open beta wrapped up, Ubisoft has been listening and has a few changes in mind for the game.
The For Honor open beta is set to kick off February 9th and should give those interested a great look at the game. In order to prepare fans for the start date, Ubisoft is letting players download the open beta now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC so they can get the most out of the beta when it starts.
Ubisoft announced today when For Honor's open beta will go live. Expect to some of history's famous warriors on February 9th to February 12th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
A couple weeks ago, Ubisoft announced a closed beta for their upcoming game, For Honor. Well, we now have a date for when that closed beta goes live, and considering the game is set to release next month, the closed beta is going to be live soon.
GameStop is offering an exclusive Collector's Edition for the game For Honor called the Apollyon Collector's Edition, and it has plenty of nice goodies. While rather pricey at $220, it does have some really great additions for collectors and fans of the game.
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