In addition to the whole time traveling thing, Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment's Life is Strange is a story about friendship, relationships, and most of all, bullying. Some of the most poignant moments in the game revolve around the character Kate Marsh, and her inessential bullying following an event that's entirely out of her control. This culminates into a final note for the character that all too often is a reflection of something children deal with day after day.
Square Enix has released the final trailer for their episodic series Life is Strange, the story of a girl that can rewind time as a conspiracy grips her small Oregon time. The fifth episode is slated to be released later this week, and with it draws the five episode series to a close. The series has been well received, garnering over one million sales since its January release date. Last we left her, Max had just discovered the secret of the Dark Room, as a raging storm threatens just off the coast. In an age of emerging episodic games such as The Walking Dead and A Wolf Among Us, Life is Strange is an excellent drama with a beautiful painted photograph design.
As sad as it is, all things must come to an end -- at least that's the case with the episodic title Life is Strange. Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix did a beautiful job with reeling gamers in with this title, and it's hard to believe that some won't be a bit saddened to know that Maxine and Chloe's journey together is coming to a close.
Square-Enix and Dontnod Entertainment have announced a release date for the fifth and final episode of their episodic RPG series Life is Strange, bringing the story of time-traveling Max and her journey to stop the impending doomsday of her small Pacific Northwest town from tearing apart everything in sight. Life is Strange has had a shaky release schedule, fret with delays and down right unknowns, which is why the developer prefers against announcing release dates ahead of time. "We don't normally announce a date until we know the game is 100% ready but in the spirit of Max's birthday (today) we wanted to let you know early that we are aiming to release Episode 5 'Polarized' October 20." said the developer in a press release.
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