June 2nd is the big day, as Blizzard has officially announced that its newest hit game is to be released on June 2nd. There are also plans for an open beta happening soon as well. Right now, the game is in closed beta mode, but the free-to-play team brawler will be in open beta mode beginning on May 20th.
League of Legends has swiftly become one of the most-played games of the past few years. The game is comprised of over 100 Champions that are tasked with defending their towers and lanes against the opposing Champions. Each Champion has different moves and skills that make them unique, and in order to be good at the game, it is imperative to be both knowledgeable in the Champion you're playing as along with the Champion you are fighting against. Because of this, League of Legends can be quite challenging and takes an ample amount of skill, making it a highly competitive game.
Blizzard have given us a brand new trailer for its new upcoming MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. The trailer focuses on Starcraft’s Kerrigan. Although Heroes of the Storm is still in Alpha, you will be able to play the beta for completely free when it’s released, which is all good news.
EA's new multi-player online battle area, Dawngate, is currently in the community beta stages of its testing phase. Anyone who wants to join is able to download Dawngate and jump in.
If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? That’s a deep philosophical question, and one that also applies to League of Legends. If you go 20/2/10 as Annie but never share that fact with your friends, does it really matter? It probably doesn’t. Sure, screen capping is always an option, but it’s a tedious, inefficient option that often produces lackluster images and requires players to go searching through their files looking for their saved images.
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