First it was dubbed the Xbox 720, and then it went by codename Durango. From there fans went wild and started speculating on what the next generation console might be called. Would it be Xbox Infinity? Or maybe Fusion, or Xbox 8? Well it turns out that all the speculation was wrong. Today Microsoft officially revealed their next generation console. The Xbox One has been announced and the name comes from the idea that the next gen console will be an all in one home entertainment system.
The San Diego Comic-Con for us nerds is the 4 day long Super Bowl of everything awesome with a wealth of comics, cosplayers, celebrities and more. While Preview night and Thursday may not be the biggest days of the con, that didn’t stop us from getting some truly epic shots. If you didn’t get a chance to go to the San Diego Comic-Con this year, have no fear as All That’s Epic’s got you covered. So sit back, toss on your virtual Comic-Con badge, and enjoy our tour of Preview Night and Thursday at the San Diego Comic-Con 2013.
Ah yes, onto one of the biggest days of the San Diego Comic-Con: Friday. Now as any consistent convention goer will tell you, Fridays and Saturdays are always the major days to go. And this year the San Diego Comic-Con experience was so large, that you had blocks upon blocks worth of events going on all at the same time. We decided to take this day to not only attack the convention center for some epic images for you guys, but we also headed over to some of the other venues like the Nintendo Lounge and Xbox Lounge for you to take a peek at what was going on over there too. Enjoy Day Two of our Epic Comic-Con Pictures!
Welcome back to our ongoing Epic Comic-Con 2013 Picture Gallery special. If you didn’t get a chance to check out Preview Night/Day One and our Day Two images, make sure you treat your eyes to a wealth of what the con had to provide by doing so now. But without further ado, we move onto the biggest and busiest day at the Comic-Con: Saturday.
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