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Breaking Bad “Blood Money” Review

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Posted August 12, 2013 by

It has been a long, brutal haul, but finally we have arrived at the final eight episodes of the now legendary, Breaking Bad. It has been an awesome run and if tonight’s first episode is any indication, Breaking Bad has no plans on going downhill. If anything, this episode proves that Breaking Bad has a few last tricks up its sleeves. Since most people will probably be watching these episodes regardless of what I have to say, these reviews will contain some spoilers. Though I will try not to reveal big twists if I can help it.

“Blood Money” starts off with another flash forward. A dilapidated White family house stands fenced off and a bearded Walter White breaks in. The house is trashed and the word “Heisenberg” marks the wall in graffiti. Walt is here for one thing only and it’s not the kids using his empty pool as a skate park. He goes to the wall socket for the ricin, and promptly leaves the house, but not before he has a hilarious moment with an old neighbor. It’s clear, Walter White is now known as Heisenberg. So how did we get there?

Well, we don’t know for sure yet, but after the title sequence things pick up right where they left off. Hank leaves the bathroom and I couldn’t help but wonder how he was going to handle this sudden epiphany. The following scenes are both nerve wracking and heady as Hank races home whilst having some kind of panic attack. This realization of who Walter really is ended last season, so I was glad we got to see the direct aftermath as opposed to a Dexter style leap in time. We now have Hank investigating Walt, which I think most people have been waiting for.

Jesse, on the other hand, has less to talk about but a lot to do as he finally comes to the conclusion that this is all “blood money”. A scene between him and Saul is both hilarious and heartbreaking as Jesse struggles with his guilt. This eventually leads to an act later in the episode that was both awesome and possibly a little stupid. Aaron Paul has brought Jesse in an incredible way, and most people seem to be rooting for him at this point, myself included.

Skyler continues to be her normal paranoid self, and for good reason as Lydia comes by to visit the carwash and complain about her new meth’s potency. Walt is quick to brush this off and Skylar downright threatens her. I never understood how Lydia got into this whole drug business, being that she is the most downright sissy/jumpy character on the show. There will most certainly be more trouble from her end. Just not sure what.

Whatever Lydia might do to Walt however is pickles compared to what Hank is starting to do. The last scene in which Walt confront’s Hank is so perfectly orchestrated, so restrained and intense that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. What I really loved in this scene however, was that it actually came to a head within this episode. Once Hank closes that garage door and the two begin their dance, you realize that family is going to be thrown out the window this season. Walt is on his own, Hank is ready to bring him down. Walt’s advice, “tread lightly”.

This was a fantastic episode for Breaking Bad and completely puts to rest my fears of this season going down the toilet like so many others have in their final years. If every episode is as good as this one, this will be an amazing end to a monumental series.