Dexter Season 8 Episode 10 Review: “Goodbye, Miami”

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Truth be told, if I hadn’t already seen all 7 earlier seasons of Dexter, I would have given up on this season quite some time ago. This season has just gotten progressively more annoying as the weeks have passed. Finally, it is to the point where I am grateful for this season to end. A few people have tried to make a case for why this season is good, but nothing I have heard so far can make up for the total snooze fest this season has created. Maybe it’s because the show is just finally past its peak, or maybe the writers have some huge twist in mind. Any way you slice it, I want it to end already. Hopefully, this is the final episode of set up before something actually happens.

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Dr. Evelyn Vogel has been up and down this entire season, mostly down. Her constant manipulating and lying have made her feel completely cold from the audience stand point. So when she was finally taken out at the end of the episode, I was pretty happy. Then, as Dexter runs in to try and save Evelyn instead of focusing on the killer, things got messy for me. Sure the episode ends right here, but yet again we are waiting for something a bit more meaningful to happen. Most people didn’t seem to care for Vogel and honestly, I still don’t think her story has added anything to the Dexter mythos. It’s quite annoying that they made the final season of Dexter just another killer of the year season, even though this is the end. It’s all over in two episodes, and even if those two episodes pull off an amazing turnaround this may go down as the worst season of Dexter so far.

Aside from Vogel being murdered, not a whole lot seemed to happen this episode. Quinn finally ends things with Jamie. This is both a positive and a negative. I appreciate that Quinn was able to recognize his lack of feelings for Jamie, but at the same time this probably is going to lead back to Quinn and Debra, which is sort of annoying. What is also annoying is any scene involving Harry Morgan. These scenes used to be intriguing conversations that took a look at Dexter’s inner struggle. Lately, though, Harry seems to just pop up and state the obvious. Not to mention he just doesn’t feel like the same father that talked to Dexter in the earlier seasons. This might be a reflection of Dexter’s own muddled psyche but, if so, the transition in Harry is handled poorly.

On the other side of things, Hannah is just hanging out at Debra’s, waiting for Dexter to get his crap together for Argentina. Of course, it’s looking more and more like these two will not have a happy ending, so Dexter’s disinterest in Argentina seems fitting. He does put in his notice at Miami Metro, but with a new U.S. Marshall snooping around for Hannah, all signs point to trouble in paradise. There is also the little fact that Dexter let the Brain Surgeon go at the end of the episode. I want to believe that something great will happen next episode, but all signs point to a terrible conclusion. This episode wasn’t exactly bad in a technical sense, it was just boring as watching blood dry.


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