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Netflix Releases ‘Spoiler Foiler’ For Those Behind On ‘Breaking Bad’


Posted September 24, 2013 by

“Breaking Bad” seems to be everywhere on the Internet these days, especially with the series finale just days away. One thing that scares fans of the show is the possibility that social networking will end up spoiling the ending, especially on Twitter. Well, Netflix wants to help with this issue!

Netflix has a huge selection of movies and television shows, but one of its biggest shows is “Breaking Bad”. So, how can Netflix save late watchers from the evil spoilers? Well, they have released a new tool called “Spoiler Foiler.” The “Spoiler Foiler” is used with Twitter and does just what the name implies; foils spoilers.

All you need to make this work is go to and log into your Twitter account through there. Seems like a pain every time you want to go to Twitter, but the payoff may be worth it because it blocks out words related to “Breaking Bad”! So say goodbye to Twitter spoilers about “Breaking Bad” and say hello to a safe watching of the last episode!


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Guest Contributor