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“Shameless” Season 3/Episode 7 “A Long Way From Home”


Posted March 4, 2013 by

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!

The Gallaghers are experiencing what seems like another ruthless week. When things seem to clear, something else comes up and adds to the list of drama. Veronica is still determined to have a baby, and having Kevin get it on with her mother seems to be the only solution. Fiona is working on getting her siblings back from foster homes and does just about anything to get them back in their warm beds. Jody relapses into the deviant life of a sex addict, and Sheila gets more than one unexpected visitor.

Fiona is already neck deep in Frank’s B.S. after she finds out that he is the one that contacted the Department of Family Services. Fiona decides the get custody of the kids, and pulls together the proper (if fake) paperwork to give the impression that her life is in order. On a mission, she asks Veronica to get a body from the nursing home to be used to impersonate Aunt Ginger. As Veronica works on the body, Lip and Ian are in the process of getting Aunt Ginger’s will filed, so they can keep the house.

Ian goes looking for Mickey, who is still recovering from the pistol-whipping that his dad gave him. He finds Mickey shooting on an old building roof top. Ian seems to think that everything will be all hunky dory between the two guys but Mickey has his lips sealed and won’t make eye contact. After hitting a brick wall with Mickey, Ian is off to help Fiona.

As far as the other kids go, Liam and Carl seem to be doing okay. When Lip and Mandy stop in for a visit, Carl seems like he is exhausted from going to church, constant bathing, and having two men constantly looking over his shoulder. Of course, that is what parents do, but not in the Gallagher house!

Debbie is ready to bail and get away from Momma Kamala as she “sees everything”. Momma Kamala seems to be running a sweat shop and has the kids making earrings and necklaces in a rat-infested basement. The more the kids do, they more tickets they earn. These tickets are redeemable for a few items, food being one of them. A very hungry Debbie hits the breaking point and spikes her foster mom’s drink with Benadryl. After Kamala passes out, Debbie makes her getaway and runs straight home to raid the fridge.

Jody has slipped back into his old kinky ways. Sheila begins to feel guilty for wanting to have a little fun a couple of episodes ago, now that Jody has become a full-on sex freak again. Hanging himself while screwing and having Sheila cut him down when he passes out? Whoa! Sheila is upset at what’s happening in her home, especially when a few of Jody’s friends stop in and arrange the living room for one big orgy.

Hymie seems to be the happiest baby possible and has quieted down a lot since Frank took over as nanny. When a spontaneous knock on the door arises, Sheila could only imagine who it could be. Of all people, it is Hymie’s father and his mom and they have arrived to try and take little Hymie. Hymie’s Asian grandma wonders what is wrong with him when she lays eyes upon him for the first time and asks if he is broken. Apparently Downs’ Syndrome is not an easy thing to explain and herbs are the answer for a cure. When Hymie is given to the father, Sheila and Jody are very upset.

Sheila is in tears as she takes the opportunity to clean up Hymie’s bedroom. Frank is looking for a few things and stops into Sheila’s hoping to find some of Jody’s sex addicts anonymous chips to use for court. Frank is bribed to help Sheila into starting an intervention for Jody. How does that go? Who knows as Jody seems to have had one hell of an afternoon and ends up cuffed to the bed. Turns out, the cuffs make him hard.

Also, remember a couple weeks ago when Lip left a message on Karen’s phone? TA-DA! Karen is home and makes amends with her mom. I should note that she doesn’t look like herself. Karen hopes to grab a bite to eat and apologizes for everything. Is she really remorseful, or will she use Sheila? Maybe next week will provide some answers.

Frank, on the other hand, is plans to pull of the ultimate acting role at the court house to make himself look good, and even manages to get some character references. UltimatelFiona gains guardianship of her siblings even if it is for the next 16 years. How does Jimmy take all this? What about Jimmy and Estephania?

Next week on “Shameless” (3/10/2013): Veronica brings her mom over for another attempt at baby making, the Gallaghers experience living arrangement problems.

Season 3 of “Shameless” stars William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Justin Chatwin, Jeremy Allen White, Cameron Monaghan, Emma Kenney, Shanola Hampton, Steve Howey and Joan Cusack. Catch new episodes every Sunday at 9 PM, only on Showtime.