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The Walking Dead Monopoly and Risk Coming Soon


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AMC’s The Walking Dead has been successful beyond anyone’s expectations. Now, the popular zombie series is expanding into new territories beyond television. Where are the dead walking this time? Board games!

It was recently announced that there will be an official “Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survival Edition” and a “Risk: The Walking Dead Survival Edition.” You can see some of the game images below.

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Monopoly will be played the same way as the traditional game, except with a few variations to fit the theme. For example, locations have been renamed to fit places that exist in the post-apocalyptic zombie world. Money is now gone and has replaced with food, ammo and fuel. Houses have been replaced with walls and towers. Overall, the game will still feel like a Monopoly game, while providing that Walking Dead fix you know you need.

The Risk set has a bit more of a twist from the original version of the game. It features a whole new map based on the Southeastern region of the U.S. One unique twist is that players will have to fend off attacks from other players and form hordes of zombies that randomly spawn at the start of each player’s turn. This should make it feel like a Risk game, while also bringing something very new to the table. If that wasn’t enough of a twist, they have added “Supply Cards” and “Event Cards”. The “Event Cards” will reference story events throughout The Walking Dead.

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Overall, it looks like a lot of fans will be adding these to their Walking Dead collection. Look forward to the release of these comic-based games in late September of this year!





The Walking Dead Monopoly and Risk

Source: IGN

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