The Earth Manipulating Titan Terra Launches into Action


Terra is a young girl with the ability to control the earth, known as geokinesis. Unable to fully control her powers and naive, her motivations as a hero or villain were never fully made clear. Being a member of the Teen Titans, she grew close to Beast Boy, revealing her insecurities and lack of control. During her time with the Titans, she loved being able to do good with her powers, which is all she truly wanted. She also gained friends who supported and cared for her.

This is the Terra that Ellei Marie has chosen to cosplay. Wearing a cropped black shirt with the Teen Titans’ T emblazoned on the front in yellow and matching yellow shorts, she is the picture perfect living representation of Terra. Tan work gloves and boots complete the look beautifully. Blonde hair billows behind her and blue eyes shimmer as she catapults on a rock over the water, looking to help her fellow Titans in their next mission.

Photography by David Love Photography




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