The Jaw Dropping Jessica Nigri Stuns as Juliet Starling

juliet-starling-cosplay-3 Photography by Jeremy Danger

It’s hard not to marvel at people who are more than just talented — but also humble as well. With cosplay rapidly picking up popularity through the years, it’s hard not to recognize a few front runners when it comes to masterfully executing characters. Not only that, but some cosplayers are starting to become known for more than who they dress up for for a short period of time. The beautiful Jessica Nigri is a prime example of such, not only being a woman who is more than capable of bringing a cosplay to life through intricate details but the beauty was also chosen to be the official Juliet Starling. What might that entail? The woman had to compete to become the real life Juliet Starling and rightfully earned such a title by piecing together something amazing.


Who’s Juliet Starling one might ask — and we’re here to tell you. The stunning blonde was the frontman, or frontwoman in this case, for the gaming title Lollipop Chainsaw. She’s an eighteen year old high school senior who’s full of spunk and not afraid to do what it takes to outsmart her enemies — even if that means decapitating your boyfriend so he won’t turn into a zombie. Thrown into an apocalyptic world, Juliet is the only hope in turning things back around.

juliet-starling-cosplay-2Photography by Larry Alan Photography

Now back to Jessica — who has done a jaw dropping job with her rendition of Juliet Starling. From the revealing outfit — a small skirt and tube top that flaunts off Juliet’s high school name and mascot, to the blonde hair and long stockings, Jessica’s cosplay has it all. There’s no doubt that her caliber of talent is on a level all its own, and it doesn’t leave one to ponder why she’s become Juliet Starling of the real world — seeing as her cosplay essentially evolves Juliet from pixels to flesh. Check out her amazing work, not only as Juliet Starling, but as the numerous characters Jessica Nigri has taken on and flawlessly executed!




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