This New Mad Max Trailer Lets You Pick The Adventure

A new trailer has been released on the car customizing, gas salvaging, blower up of things adventure title Mad Max, based on the classic Mel Gibson film series that has seen a very successful reboot earlier this year. A story known for its savagery and carnage, this new trailer gives us plenty of that, but lets the viewer take command and choosing the approach that the trailer will take. Will you choose to run in, guns blazing? Or perhaps strap some armor on your car and become your own battering ram? Maybe you’ll choose the speedier route, they can’t shoot at what they can’t keep up with, right? Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

Originally made back in 1979 with Mad Max, Mad Max 2, and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, the series which defined dystopia genre film, has made a massive resurgence in recent years, with Mad Max: Fury Road being very well received with critics and fans and the upcoming game already receiving a ton of great press as it nears its September 1st release date. Mad Max is set for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC as well as Linux.







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