Overwatch’s New Short Focuses On Soldier 76’s Fight For Justice

Blizzard has just released the final CG short film for Overwatch in anticipation of the game’s official launch tomorrow. This video provides the spotlight on Solider 76, one of the 21 playable characters in the game.

In the latest trailer titled “Hero” the music, buildings, accents and scenery strongly implies that the video is set in a town in Latin America. Features Spanish/Portuguese text and streets that resemble to the real-life South American country, Rio. Much similar to the three previous short films (Recall, Alive, and Dragons) Hero provides background information on Solider 76 a masked vigilante, who investigates illegal activities from the the Los Muertos gang.

A young girl leaves her house to buy flour, and her mother’s voice can be heard, telling her to make haste. As the video progresses, the girl is stopped by thugs who steal her money and run off. As the girl infiltrates their turf, she finds Soldier 76 knocking them around. In a display of pure heroic combat, Soldier 76 manages to save the girl and her money, as the girl proceed to head home.

With the release of “Hero” the developer has confirmed that this concludes the first season of Overwatch short films. Hopefully, Blizzard will continue with these shorts in the near future! Overwatch is set to go live today for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.







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