Watch Legendary Developer Shigeru Miyamoto Play Super Mario Run With One Hand

When Super Mario Run was first announced last week, famed developer Shigeru Miyamoto claimed that the game can be played with only one hand. Well, thanks to this funny little video from Nintendo of America, we now know that, yes, you can play Super Mario Run with one hand.

If you were expecting some new gameplay footage of Nintendo’s iconic plumber first legitimate foray into mobile gaming, you’ll be sorely disappointed. What you’ll get instead is a short video of a gaming legend playing a phone game while lifting a weight (don’t forget leg day!), nonchalantly shaking hands with Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen, and perhaps most important of all, eating a hamburger, the breakfast of champions. All while snippets of gameplay we’ve seen before are sprinkled throughout the video.

The brief clip ends with Miyamoto hoping that we enjoy Super Mario Run when it comes out, which is December of this year. The game will release on iOS devices first, and will come to Android at a later date.





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