A Haunting Witch Cosplay That Will Leave You For Dead

October marks the month that everything becomes a little spookier. The nightfall becomes a little darker in October and the full moon more ominous as whispy threads of clouds cause it to blink in and out of sight. Each step on the newly fallen leaves seem to crunch underfoot slightly louder and the snap of a twig makes you second guess if you’re alone or not. Here at All That’s Cosplay, we’re celebrating all October long with plenty of terrifying and mesmerizing costumes leading up to Halloween. What’s more spooky than a witch?


Left 4 Dead is a first-person shooter game that pits a team of players against hordes of zombies in a world ravaged by a “green flu” that mutates humans and turns them into the walking dead. The protagonists are four immune survivors that are left to fend for themselves as they attempt to find a way to safety out of their town. As if facing off against the normal, pop-culture-filled zombie isn’t hard enough, the team faces off against five other types that shambled straight out of nightmares. They run into the Boomers, overly bloated victims of the flu that spew their bile and attract hordes of zombies, and Hunters, agile and swift that pounce on their victims and tear them to shreds, as well as Smokers, that can wrap one of their six tongues around their foes and drag them to their deaths and explode into poisonous clouds upon their death. While the Tank, who is a hulking beast that can toss heavy objects such as cars as if they were pebbles, may not seem as terrifying as the first three, they all pale in comparison to the final one: the Witch.


Edging their way through the wasteland and debris of what they once knew, the survivors hear the soft weeping of a woman. The unfortunate soul hides in the safety of the shadows and continues to cry despite the whispers of the survivors to her. But with the click of a flashlight, they find themselves face-to-face with a shrieking banshee. The crying woman is not a fellow survivor, but the witch who becomes startled at loud noises and light. Her long talons shred flesh to the bone once she catches her victim and could even manage to kill them with a single swipe.


KasuzameYuu is a gorgeous cosplayer from Russia who brings the horror and danger of the games to real life. With a simple look, she strikes fear into the heart of all that lay eyes on her glowing sockets. Her mouth opens in a shriek and long, bloody and muddy claws reach out to the viewer as if to rip them out of the safety of their computer chair and pull them into her world of dilapidated buildings. Paired with Haji, a truly terrifying hunter, they could send any survivor running for their lives. That is, if they don’t take the survivor’s lives.


Hunter cosplay by Haji

Photography by JustMoolti
Written by Guest Contributor: MissJinxei
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