A Hauntingly Beautiful Elizabeth Burial at Sea Cosplay

The hugely successful Bioshock franchise has been met with overwhelming success and fan appreciation. So much so that the third game in the series, Bioshock Infinite, even received a 3-part DLC story that continued to astound fans. This DLC, named Burial at Sea, showcases the underwater city of Rapture just before the city’s fall to drugged-up Splicers addicted to the DNA-changing substance called Adam. Before this decline, Rapture was a sophisticated and beautiful city. Now it is a dangerous and haunting nightmare.

Burial at Sea, set in 1959, has several returning characters from both games, including the incredibly popular character Elizabeth. Over the course of Bioshock Infinite, Elizabeth, a scrappy and intelligent woman, fights her way through a host of enemies at the protagonist, Booker’s, side. In Burial at Sea, she takes on a more significant and darker role, leading Booker down a dangerous path. Now older, Elizabeth is a sexy and confident woman sporting beautiful 1950s style. Her fiery personality made girls instantly fall in love with the character. Her outfits in the games, and in this mid-century set story, are exquisite, and thus she is becoming one of the most cosplayed characters of all time.


One of the most beautiful renditions of Burial at Sea Elizabeth is featured here by the talented Lucy Leech. With fine attention to detail, Lucy even includes accurate props to help bring the character to life. She also embodies Elizabeth’s dark internal battle, with eyes that tell a sad story. Looking strikingly beautiful, Lucy Leech shows us a near-perfect take of the highly popular look, and her version still manages to be incredibly, unmistakably her.


Photography by Lua Morales


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Written by Guest Contributor: Kota Lee




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