A Katarina Cosplay that Slashes its Way to Epicness


Katarina is League of Legend’s deadly Noxian beauty and master assassin. She is known for her furious Death Lotus ultimate, becoming a spinning whirlwind of razor sharp blades to clean up fights. Her fearsome assassination skills are only rivaled by her beauty, marred by a single scar across her eye. The scar has become a grim reminder of the consequences of pride, as the failure of her first mission resulted in the deaths of many Noxian soldiers.


Cosplayer Rubyfia takes on the fiery redhead with sublime success. Most stunning is the craftsmanship. The swords have their unique design and embellishments. The armor is meticulously designed from bustier down to her boots. The scar is prominent and life-like to a point where you can feel the pain that must have accompanied its acquisition. Her attitude and posing is well done and reflects Katarina’s personality well. Rubyfia’s Katarina cosplay is so well done that I almost expect her to Shunpo out of the screen.



Photography by ONE Photography



Written by Guest Contributor: Glitchiee


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