A Worthy League of Legends Morgana Cosplay


League of Legends is a gamer and cosplayer favorite. Morgana, a fallen angel, is one of the more intriguing characters and concepts. Morgana is the sister to other League of Legends champion, Kayle. They take sibling rivalry to a new level as they are on opposite sides of a world war. Refusing to join Kayle in the crusade to enforce a strict government, Morgana was essentially shunned and branded a fallen angel.


As a fighter, Morgana is a master of the dark arts. Using her arcane abilities, she is considered a mage-type class. Some use her as a support champion; although, others argue that she is less suited for the support role. Setting Morgana with champions with strong AoE attacks and tanks is one of many ways to utilize this fallen angel.


It’s only fitting that cosplayer Morgana from Spain, cosplays Morgana from League of Legends. She is absolutely beautiful and wears Morgana’s very sexy wardrobe well! Morgana is a huge League of Legends fan and also has several other League cosplays including LeBlanc, Katarina, and Fiora. She also has done some breathtaking body-paint photo shoots as Catwoman, Kerrigan, and many more!


 Photography by Sophia Arenas




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