Alan Wake Returns Is Actually The Name Of A TV Show In Quantum Break

Last week, there was a trademark issued for Alan Wake’s Return and everyone was excited thinking we would be getting a new game in the series. But as it turns out, the trademark is for a T.V show in the live action portion of Quantum Break.

“A big part of the trademarking process all in all is the legalities of it,” says creative director for Remedy Entertainment’s Sam Lake. The name is going to be used for one of the T.V shows in the game which probably comes as a disappointment to fans that were hoping to see a sequel in the Alan Wake series.

Although there isn’t a new Alan Wake title coming anytime soon, Lake did mention that the studio is “exploring possibilities and concepting different things,” so perhaps maybe an Alan Wake title will show up sometime in the near future but for now there is nothing to say about any new Alan Wake games.

Quantum Break will be available on April 5th for the PC and Xbox One.







Written By Guest Contributor Matthew

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