All That’s MMO: Star Wars:The Old Republic Patch 2.1 Brings the Cat Men Cathar


Sure, there wasn’t much doubt before, but now we’re getting actual confirmation about the Cathar race coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic. The 2.1 ‘Customization’ patch will introduce the playable race for 600 Cartel Coins, regardless of account status. In an interview with GamingFace, Bioware representative Cory Butler spilled the beans on what all we can expect.

The Cathar race was selected for a couple of reasons, chief among them being their ability to speak Galactic Basic. Here’s the full explanation:

“One of the reasons we chose Cathar is because they are new and unfamiliar to many of our players – in much the same way as Rattataki and Chiss – but have been well-received by our players. There were many community requests for the Cathar to be playable. We haven’t introduced playable species such as Wookie and Trandoshan because of their inability to speak Galactic Basic. Early in our development, we experimented with playable alien species that could not speak Basic and… well, let’s just say you can only listen to so much alien VO in cinematics before you want to re-roll.”

Veterans of the Republic will recognize Aric Jorgan as the gruff but lovable Cathar companion of the Trooper storyline. He’ll be getting a facelift in order to bring him up to snuff with his playable counterparts. While exciting, the Cathar will not be receiving any new content, so while players will be able to enjoy them on either faction, it’ll be a purely cosmetic thing. The dialogue shouldn’t be different, but if you really wanted to be a cat man, that option is on the table – for a price.

Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to serve as a learning tool for other games in the genre. Their F2P system remains one of the must restrictive available, and despite that, and the high price of additional content in the form of quests, characters and races, Bioware claims that Star Wars: The Old Republic is on the straight and narrow and recovering from what was a disappointing launch.

Considering purchasing the Cathar? Take a peek at Bioware’s Cathar preview video below.




Written by Guest Contributor: TheHeroofOsaka

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