Stevie Nicks on American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story: Coven S3, E10 Review “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”

Since AHS decided to put such an emphasis on Stevie Nicks’ appearance this week, I think I need to start off by acknowledging her presence. Not that I am against famous self aware characters, but they should have given her more to do than just play a couple songs and introduce herself as “Stevie Nicks”.

Over the holiday, I decided to give up on taking this season any more serious than Asylum or Murder House. Having high hopes for a show like this is just unrealistic, and this episode sort of sealed the deal for me. It’s not without its moments, but putting an entire sub plot with Nicks that basically goes nowhere and sets up nothing is just a waste of time.

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This season in general has struggled hard to find its footing. Starting out as a sort of twisted Harry Potter and now morphing into a melodramatic battle of supremes. American Horror Story has always been the basic equivalent to a horror soap opera. Plenty of overacting, strange often useless characters, and addicting for no apparent reason. Coven is sadly falling into the same rut as previous seasons and coming to grips that its ambitions are hardly, if ever met.

So what actually happened on “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”? A few cool things. Particularly Papa Legba, an ancient voodoo spirit who goes around collecting souls. I read online that Legba is normally a sort of gatekeeper, but here he seems more like the crossroads demon from Crossroads, or Supernatural. Of course these witches ought to know by now that playing with dark magic never ends well. They should listen to an old saying about knowing when to stop digging.

The young witches had a pretty light week except for Madison. All of their powers seem to be growing and a lot of them play around with new abilities in some entertaining ways. One of my favorites involves a bottle of bleach and somebody who “had it coming”. I have never been a fan of this show being overly chaotic, but this season almost seems to be undershooting. Stuff is happening, but it all feels random and basically like filler.

Honestly, I have no idea which of the characters will end up being the next supreme. Knowing American Horror Story, Jessica Lange might just kill everyone and go on living forever. It’s still pretty up in the air with just three episodes left in the season. For whatever reason, I think I had too high of hopes for this season and it might be the reason I am feeling so let down with these last couple episodes. They aren’t bad per se, but they feel undercooked in the worst way possible. I am still excited to see it’s conclusion, but mostly because I am ready for this season to end.


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